Riding for Christian Kennedy, part 4

Where do I begin? What a fun week it has been. Sadly, we are wrapping up for the season. With only about two weeks left, its hard to believe how we got here and how it went so fast? 

Emily Gill at Kahlaua at a horse show

A huge highlight for me was going down the centerline at Global with my best boy, Kahlua. We showed last weekend in the Grand Prix and it was an experience of a lifetime! It was really a blast being able to prepare at the barn and then take a hack to the show grounds before I rode my test! So much fun showing here! And to top it off, Kahlua really felt awesome in the arena, I was really proud of both of our tests seeing as we are still chipping away at this test, and getting stronger and more confident each time. We are getting better at the Piaffe and the second day had some better on-the-spot steps. Also I am working to make our one tempis bigger and bolder. Also, preparing with more sit in the canter before the pirouettes, especially to the left. Of course being a dressage rider, nothing is ever good enough (hehe!) but that is the beauty of it, there is always room to grow. We did not get as high of score as we would have liked, but I have no fear that we will get there. We just have to keep chipping away and that is the best part. The journey is more fun then the destination. 

Emily Gill in Annies Fashion show

After such a fun weekend showing, to top it off, Sunday I was in a fashion show! I went down centerline alone this time and it was definitely a different feeling. It was such a fun evening modeling for Annie’s Equestrian Apparel, and having some fun while doing it. We were able to add our own version of pirouettes, spins, and cat walks to really show off all the beautiful bling on the clothes. I also fell in love with all of the clothes. I was covered head to toe in Annie’s clothing. I loved all the jackets, the tasteful bling and the pretty colors. Everyone looked so fabulous and they fit all of us wonderfully. I swear I am not getting paid to say all these nice things, but I truly love Annie’s clothes, and what they have to offer for their products as well as an overall business. 

As a group we got front row seats to join and watch the Challenge of Americas competition. We helped sell raffle tickets and helped put on admission bracelets. And once everyone was settled we were able to watch all the performances. You could tell all the groups worked really hard; their horses looked amazing under the lights! That was a great night to see all the support to help support research for Breast Cancer as well as spread awareness. It is heart warming to see how many people are willing to support this cause. Hopefully one day soon, we can finally kick cancer to the curb!